Data for History at EADH2018

The Data for History consortium is pleased to announce that its three proposals have been accepted at the first EADH Conference in Galway, 7-9 December 2018.

A multiple paper panel:

  • On the Way to Semantic Interoperability for Historical Data. The Data for History Consortium
    9 December, 13:30-15:00 - Panel 29 (Room AM107 Arts Millennium Building)
    • Introduction: The Semantic Data Challenge in Historical Research (George Bruseker)
    • A standard model for a prosopography of religious orders (Bernard Hours, Georg Vogeler)
    • APIS: Mapping the Austrian Biographic Dictionary to CIDOC CRM (Matthias Schlögl)
    • Best practices for making data generated in automated linkage procedures readily re-usable (Lodewijk Petram, Rutger Van Koert)
    • Building a domain specific Research Ontology from external Databases of Academic History (Thomas Riechert, Edgar Marx, Jennifer Blanke)
    • OntoME: an ontology management environment for extending the CIDOC CRM to historical research sub-domains (Francesco Beretta, Djamel Ferhod, Vincent Alamercery)

Two short papers:

  • The Shape of Time and Storifying Data. Modeling Historical Processes and their Temporal Dimension in Knowledge Graphs (Charles van den Heuvel, Veruska Carretta Zamborlini)
    9 December, 9:00-10:30 - Panel 21 DH Data Modelling 2 (Fottrell Theatre Arts Millennium Building)
  • Lab In Virtuo. A Intelligent Virtual Environment dedicated to History and Heritage of Industrial Landscapes (Sylvain Laubé, Ronan Querrec)
    9 December, 11:00-12:30 - Panel 26 Visualisations (Fottrell Theatre Arts Millennium Building)

Do not hesitate, come and meet us in Galway!